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Actor, Singer, Dancer, mom, wife, sister, reader, runner, fiercely loyal friend, coffee addict, Project Runway fan, NPR junkie, reluctant shopper, fitness fad fanatic, social-media flunky, storyteller, hard worker, belly laugher, kitchen gadget collector, sometimes-cynic, excitable collaborator, reticent self-promoter, handwritten thank-you note enthusiast, overall wildly imperfect human 

enjoying the ride. Ready to grab my flat-iron and make-up bag and travel to where the work takes me!

"In a marvelous Human Race debut,

Laurie Carter Rose, humorous yet moving,

is a terrifically conflicted Della, caught in a severe struggle

between the heart and the head while trapped in a stagnant marriage..."

               -Russell Florence Jr., Dayton Most Metro


photo credit: Joe Mazza, Bravelux

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