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"Laurie Carter Rose as Don's mother, Mrs. Baker, accomplishes the remarkable task of playing a seriously unfunny woman who nevertheless says many comical things."

       -Bill Hirschman, Florida On Stage



"Laurie Carter Rose demonstrates her veteran acting creds as she transitions from the domineering, rich woman into a caring Mom" 

       -Milt Thomas, Indian River Guardian



"Laurie Carter Rose (provides) a terrific portrayal of the smooth, cool and tough editor Emily Penrose...she brings complicated ethics as well as compassion"

       -Marin Heinritz,

"In a marvelous Human Race debut, 

Laurie Carter Rose, humorous yet moving, is a terrifically conflicted Della, caught in a severe struggle between the heart and the head while trapped in a stagnant marriage..." 

          -Russell Florence Jr., Dayton Most Metro

"Laurie Carter Rose plays North Carolina bakery owner Della. Avoiding the pitfall of making her a caricature, Rose's Della has a wise mind, a loving heart, and a great sense of humor."

          -Behind the Curtain Cincinnati

"...Laurie Carter Rose as Della handles the confusion and desire for understanding, love, and to be heard in such a delicious way to bridge that connection..."

​          -Rachael Lombardo, League of Cincinnati Theatres


"Director Greg Hellems leads a stellar cast headed by Laurie Carter Rose as Della, the shop owner always trying to do what she thinks is right."

​          -Jenni Cypher, Broadway World

"A pair of very talented Chicago actresses absolutely own the stage in Citadel's excellent two-hander about a couple of middle-aged women each from very different backgrounds..."

"....played to perfection by the magnificent Laurie Carter Rose...excellent performances delivered by two of Chicago's finest actresses cannot be overstated."

"...The performance by  Laurie Carter Rose is especially strong, spicy, and honest, reminding us that we all need to give ourselves permission to start over every so often."

          -Chicago Theatre & Concert Reviews

"...Laurie Carter Rose as the Martini-guzzling Georgette exemplifies the cast's vocal strength..."


"...Laurie Carter Rose and Hal Hobson-Morse are delightful as the groom's randy and somewhat shallow parents..."

           -Encore Michigan

"...And yet this show ultimately belongs to the mothers...Laurie Carter Rose plays a dry, deadpan Georgette Howard, the mother of the groom, who claims, "What doesn't kill you makes you drink" with gusto..."

       -Revue/Western Michigan


"...the role of Robyn is deftly handled by Laurie Carter Rose..."

          -Around the Town Chicago

"...Phelps and Rose keep the audience engaged through all of this.  Both actresses have incredible energy and create believable characters as well as a convincing relationship.  I enjoyed watching the interplay between Sharon and Robyn as they get to know one another and slowly let their guard down moving from roommates to business partners to friends to maybe even something more...."

          -Chicago On Stage


" this lovely production of Jen Silverman's The Roommate, two excellent actors explore the difficulties and rewards of creating friendships as adults, and how different life experiences can guide the way to build bridges instead of divides....the

cool and compelling Laurie Carter Rose as the mysterious Robyn"



"It's a treat to see two wonderful actors embody fully-developed characters..."



"...the excellent work by two veterans like Phelps and Carter Rose hold the audience's interest. This is a production absolutely worth seeing."

           -Perform Ink




"The acting here is, to a person, superb. Rose, Anderson and Davis’ crackling banter and affection – that’s not above snarky comments about each other’s shoes – gives the play a center of gravity and a weighted realism."

           -Richard Sanford, Columbus Underground

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