So excited for this next project!!

Check out the teaser and come see us in February.

Can't wait to work with these talented theatre-makers.

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Thrilled to be kicking off 2022 by returning to charming Kalamazoo, MI and the lovely

Farmers Alley Theatre, run by such a talented team making beautiful art.  Not to mention the chance to tackle this riveting and thought-provoking script.  

Bring it on, 2022!  

We need all ya got!

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EXILE movie Filming Summer 2021

A feature film written and directed by Martina Reese. Synopsis: Having lived illegally in the U.S. for almost a decade, a Polish immigrant faces a stark choice: stay in the U.S., hustling to send money home,
or leave the U.S. for ever

Sonju opens on a chilly day in November, 1946 in Seoul, Korea. Japan has ended its thirty-five-year occupation of Korea after the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The American military has become the new occupier. Sonju is on the way to her best friends' house when she sees two Americans in military uniforms walking ahead of her, and her heart stirs. So begins the story that spans over two decades.

Sonju comes of age in Japanese-occupied Korea, and having received a modern education, she imagines a life of equality and freedom of choice. Her ideals soon clash with the centuries-old Confucian tradition of order and conformity when her mother arranges her marriage to a man she has never met. The decisions she makes during the Korean War lead to her being disowned by her family, betrayed by her best friend, and shunned by society.

Through the period of rapidly evolving political strife in her country following its liberation in 1945, Sonju's private struggle to seek her relevance in a male dominated society parallels the struggles of Korea on its way to becoming a force in the world.

Latest Audiobook In the Booth:  SONJU 


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 I will be headed back to beautiful Silverthorne, Colorado to play Robyn in Jen Silverman's dark comedy two-hander, THE ROOMMATE.  This was the play scheduled to open March 13, 2020...and we all know what happened next.  Our beautiful set (a farm house kitchen in rural Iowa) is still sitting there, waiting patiently for our return!  I will treasure this opening night like no other.  September 2021!  Lake Dillon Theatre Co., here I come!


In the Booth: Currently Recording Audiobook Narration for this beautiful novel by Lee Zacharias. Available on Audible this summer!

What Alex, illegitimate daughter of an alcoholic novelist and an artist, has always wanted is family. At 15, she falls in love with a 27-year-old photographer, whom she will leave when she comes under the spell of Ted Neal, a charismatic activist on his way to Mississippi for 1964's Freedom Summer. That fall Ted organizes a collective that turns to the growing antiwar movement. Ultimately the radical group Weatherman destroys the "family" Alex and Ted have created, and in 1971 Ted disappears while under FBI investigation. When Ted surfaces eleven years later, Alex must put her life back together in order to discover what true family means.


Excited to book a

Blue Cross Blue Shield commercial and shoot it in Detroit!  First on-camera booking in the weird world of 2020.  The set was a well-oiled machine with abundant safe COVID protocols in place per SAG-AFTRA. Thank you, NV Talent, Compass Casting, DP+, and Tibbs, Inc!


photo credit: Joe Mazza

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What Did Clyde Hide?

What happens when 17 women, all veteran Chicago actors, get fed up with a pandemic-plagued world and decide to create their own content to nourish their creativity-starved collective souls? Crazy characters are born, an outlandish plot line is conceived, and we all end up at a Zoom funeral for the famous movie maven, Clyde Pickle. And...WHAT did he hide? Don't miss our 6 Episode Web-Series. 

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